Catholic Life

At the heart of all our schools are the chaplaincy teams.

Chaplains play a central role in supporting all members of the school community in their faith life. The chaplain, or member of staff in charge of assisting the chaplaincy teams, will regularly meet the students to plan Masses, share liturgies, write prayers and carry out charity work. Further to these activities, their role is to share their knowledge and expertise with others in school so all can join in with this central and defining characteristic of our Trust. Ultimately, their role is to support staff and students with the Catholic Life and Collective Worship of the school.

Parish Community

The relationship each academy has with its local parish priest and parish community is vital. Our academies are supported by these communities from before our students attend school. One of the first experiences of God’s love and of their Catholic faith, is for many of our students, had within their local parish. The parish priest plays a central role in nurturing and supporting both young people and staff alike. First and foremost, this happens through the celebration of the Sacraments. It also comes in the form of catechesis, both in the parish and in the school. The ultimate goal of both these aspects is a strengthening of faith and trust in God’s boundless love.

Religious Education

Religious Education is a core subject, therefore finding itself at the centre of our academies. All students receive Religious Education from the moment they start, to the moment they leave school. As an academic subject it is rigorously planned and delivered with the same expertise as all other core subjects. However, Religious Education is more than just an academic subject. It informs our faith, nurtures our personal quest for God and inspires us to continue on our quest for a greater understanding of God and God’s creation.

Collective Worship

Collective worship is what binds us all, whether we are Catholic or not.

When we gather as a community, we remind ourselves of, and re-invigorate our faith. Collective worship refers to any moment when we come together to pray and worship regardless of location. It gives us all a much needed opportunity to offer prayers to God, give praise and reflect on our lives. Collective Worship is how we start and finish our days, thus making God’s Grace for us all, the guiding principal in all we do.