Positive Behaviour

St Mary’s Positive Behaviour Position Statement

  • Every child begins each morning on the sunshine and starts the week with a full 15 minutes of Golden Time. The children will be involved in choosing their weekly Golden Time activities.
  • Teachers will record rainbow time, merits and warnings/ clouds through Class Dojo.
  • Golden Time lasts for 15 minutes and is intended for all. A class can earn 5 minutes in minute intervals for whole school acts, e.g. best weekly attendance, lining up sensibly at the end of playtime and lunchtime, or walking round school nicely. Individuals can also earn extra minutes using the classroom collection chart. These can be added for good behaviour, in and around school, good manners, being a good friend etc (Merits can be earned for work related achievements, eg reaching a target, good homework, improved effort)
  • The children can have their name moved onto the rainbow for outstanding behaviour which instantly equates in the child receiving an extra minute of golden time.
  • Golden Time will be given at the end of a Friday afternoon (this may be different in FS due to children’s Nursery sessions) ensuring all children end the week on a positive note.  Any time lost will happen at the beginning of Golden Time.
  • If a child is given 3 warnings their name is moved onto the cloud and they lose 2 minutes of Golden Time. Each class will have a visual method for recording these warnings, eg 3 smiley faces or tokens.  Children can use this system to move back onto the sunshine.
  • Once on the cloud the child will have another chance in the form of another warning to turn their behaviour around.  If the behaviour persists their name is moved onto the Thunder cloud and they will need to access immediate time out. The child will also lose 5 minutes of Golden Time.
  • After time-out, if a child persists in displaying inappropriate behaviour they will then be put into the behaviour book, the CT will complete the form before sending the child to the Phase Leader.  The child will stay with the PL until they are able to investigate fully, a consequence will be given by the PL according to the amount of incidences in the behaviour book (there may be times when the consequence carries over to the next school day). The CT will need to see the behaviour book so that they can inform parents that day (in person or by phone).
  • Some actions will result in names being placed directly into the behaviour book, at St. Mary’s we consider the following actions to be intolerable:
  • Physical abuse towards a child or adult
  • Swearing and/or discriminatory language
  • Repeatedly refusing to follow instructions

Class Dojo!

We are very excited to be using Class Dojo as part of our home-school communications and our behaviour policy.

The children are loving their rewards and the parents are able to get instant notifications.  We are also able to communicate with individual parents, as a class or as a whole story, to share all our wonderful work.

Class Dojo Parent Account FAQ