We believe that wearing the uniform gives the children a sense of belonging, equality and cohesion. It is worn at the request of parents and helps to reduce conflict. It is therefore compulsory. We also expect the children to be smart in appearance during the school day.  Jewellery, apart from stud earrings, a watch, and a crucifix, cannot be worn in school.  Children with long hair, past their shoulders, should have it tied up; tramlines or Mohicans are not deemed appropriate for school.

The uniform requirements outlined below are a basic guide only. Fashions may change but we expect our children to present themselves at all times in a conventional style. Health and safety, not fashion, will be of paramount importance. Decisions on what is acceptable will be made by the Headteacher. If you are in any doubt please contact her at the school.

We have kept the school uniform as simple as possible so that it is accessible to all.  Sweatshirts and cardigans with the school logo are optional.


Grey trousers / shorts

Grey skirt / pinafore

White shirt / blouse

Red tie (Optional)

Red sweatshirt or red sweatshirt cardigan with school logo

Red V-Neck jumper or cardigan

Sensible shoes-dark coloured. No open sandals, high heels or trainers

Grey / white socks



Red & white striped or checked dress

White polo shirt & grey shorts

Sensible shoes. No open sandals, high heels or trainers


Sports Kit

Plain white T- shirt

Navy blue or black close fitting shorts

Plimsolls or trainers for outdoor activities

Socks (No tights may be worn for P.E.)

(Long hair should be tied back)


For Health & Safety reasons no jewellery can be worn for PE. – pupils must be able to remove their jewellery themselves.

If you wish to purchase school uniform, please visit our suppliers at Morley’s, Unit 2 St Mary’s Retail Park, 446 Nottingham Road, Chaddesden, Derby, DE21 6PE Tel: 01332 281311